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Safe Poker Play: Evaluate Player Traffic Through These Tips!

            One of the essential variables in selecting a poker site is the traffic of players on the site. The number of players at a poker site directly influences the experience at that poker site that you will have. In general, for the following reasons, it is strongly recommended that poker players stick with poker sites that have the most players logged in at any given time:

Selection of Table

First of all, how many tables there are to choose from determines the number of players at a poker site. You have hundreds of tables running at all stakes at various large poker sites and you can choose to pick and choose which tables you play at. This makes finding softer tables easier, which makes it easier to make money in exchange. 

More players mean games are safer.

The most financially stable poker sites are also major poker sites. What that means to you is that, at large poker sites, your money is typically the safest. For years, major poker sites have been around and have shown that they can stick around for a while. In the long run, small, low-traffic poker sites still have to prove that they can make it. Poker sites with heavy traffic for players can also invest more cash on state-of-the-art security measures.

Playing Online Poker

Options for Deposit and Withdrawal

High-traffic poker locations also have the most options for deposit and withdrawal. These poker sites have long been in business and have built relationships with several payment processors. For your money withdrawals, the same thing goes, too. Big poker sites not only have more withdrawal options, but they have faster withdrawals as well. Big poker sites now have more cash reserves on hand and can afford to process withdrawals quickly. Smaller poker sites are not as elastic, so withdrawals can not be processed as quickly.

Promotions and Incentives

Big poker sites make more profits than small poker sites and can thus afford to invest more money on player promotions and deposit bonuses. You’ll find that some poker sites host hundreds of freeroll tournaments, massive guaranteed prize pool tournaments, and many contests. Small poker sites can not afford to invest as much money, so they appear to be a little weaker in their promotions than those at large poker sites. It is typically easier to clear deposit bonuses at large poker sites. Again, there is more cash on hand at these poker sites, and it does not need to wait as long to release your bonus. Small poker sites offer significant incentives, but they find such incentives more challenging to clear.

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