Developing bankroll management skills is very crucial for all online casino players. There are plenty of players who go bankrupt because of poor bankroll management. Most beginners take this for granted and ignore their bankroll as they enjoy playing. It would be too late before they realize they have spent more than they can afford and close to bankruptcy. If you want a good grip on your bankroll, here are some simple guidelines to help you out.

Do not bet everything in one game

A lot of players make the mistake of using their entire bankroll in a single Poker session. That is an absolute no-no. You should never risk more than 10% of your bankroll in one game. For No-Limit Hold’em, do not risk more than two to three buy-ins for a single session.

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Set a stop loss

Most professionals recommend setting a stop loss. The average stop loss for a Limit game is thirty big bets. Three to five buy-ins are the common stop loss for No-Limit games. Average No-Limit players find it tough to recover once they lose more than two buy-ins. Most players who do not use a stop loss end up chasing losses. They tend to play poor Poker because of their losses and the result is more losses.

Move down to lower stakes when needed

Extended losing streaks are usually short-term but it can take days to weeks and even months. Many players refuse to drop down and continue playing at a certain level even when they are on a losing streak. What they fail to understand is that it can decimate their bankroll. Moving down to lower stakes will increase their chances of winning. It is not worth it to play higher but keep on losing. Moving down will let you play more games at You can move back up once you rebuild your bankroll.

Being able to manage your bankroll well will let you stay in the game for a longer time. No matter what the limits are, you will be able to control your losses, if there are any. There are plenty of Poker players who go broke and end up close to bankruptcy. It is not only the beginners who experience this but even great professionals. The main reason for that is their failure to observe proper bankroll management. Some players ignore their bankroll when they are enjoying too much or when they are losing a lot.

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