How to Play the Game of Poker? Your Complete Guide

Poker is the most famous card games out there that need gambling and strategy all along with proper skill and a bit of luck. Winner will be determined by the combination and sequence of the cards in hand, when playing Judi Poker.

Know the History

Poker is the most ancient game that is considered over 1000 years old. Many researchers don’t have any consensus about origin of the poker game; whereas some historians claim it to be the old card game that was played in dynasty of China, and some claim this game to get adapted by the ancient Persian game. The European game poque was closely related to pokers and Poque originated in 17th century from France. Right from here this game became quite popular and spread all over the Mississippi river in 18th century and then to United States in 19th century.

There’re many different variants of the poker games that became quite popular with time. Some of the variants are:

  • Texas hold’em
  • Seven card stud
  • Five card draw

How to play the game of poker?

Different pokers variants have a bit differing rules, and that you must remember when you are learning to play the game of poker. There’re some basic poker rules that are:

  • It’s the poker card game that uses 52 card deck
  • Minimum two players will play it
  • Dealer distributes 2 cards to every player
  • One single table comprise of two to ten players
  • Distribution of cards begin in anti clockwise; it means player at a dealer’s left can get their cards first & continue further
  • First player for getting cards has the option to bet any amount that he wants or pass the turn without betting
  • When any player bets, then other players have got 3 choices; calling, folding or raising
  • In calling, a player has to put an amount of bet in a pot
  • In folding, a player cannot bet any money & will not put any money in a pot. You can’t claim money too
  • In raising, a player can make the greater bet & put more money in a pot
  • This continues till the last player has made the call
  • Then dealer puts 3 cards on a board that will be used by player; it is called a flop
  • Players get one more chance to either call or fold and dealer will put out the fourth card called as a turn & again game continues
  • Dealer then puts ahead their fifth card; it is called river
  • After last bet is made, showdown will happen. Players can show the hands and player with best ranking can win their betting pot.

Poker Strategy

Now we know the basic poker rules but these rules aren’t enough to win the game of poker. To win the game, we require the advanced strategy. One important tip if you’re the beginner is playing just 18 – 20% of the hands at a standard table. And if you are the beginner, you must avoid calling in case they are not very sure.

It’s very important to not allow your defeat to turn in embarrassment. At first, all players generally tend to face some difficulties and sometimes experienced players also make some silly decisions. When playing the game of poker, position you’re on plays an important role. Last player who go is at a benefit since he sees what other players have done before him. Also, going last offers you the edge over other players & gives you total control over your pot size. One more important strategy is observing the opponents. Suppose the opponent player bets majority of a time then it can be assumed he’s playing average cards, but if he’s folding more than the betting, that means he’s playing very strong hands. It’s very important to know that the poker game involves certain basic mathematical skills. So, you will have some possibility of getting certain number. For instance there is just 5.9% chances to deal a pair.

Another most important poker strategy is bluffing; however it can be a bit risky if you’re the beginner. To bluff, you must be very confident. Suppose your opponents are the experienced and professional players, they can observe your poker game and can take benefit of your emotions. It’s important to maintain your cool and make sure your emotions do not take poor decisions and take the right one.

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