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How to withdraw the amount won using free spins?

If you have joined a casino recently then you will surely receive some no deposit bonus in the form of a welcome bonus or might be free spins. This amount can be used to play slot games. So let us say that you played a slot game successfully and won some cash. So you would like to withdraw it, but the website will not let you do that. Why?

This might seem unfair to you, that you cannot withdraw the earnings from the no deposit bonus. But there is a solid reason behind this.

Let us say that a website offers players 100 credits for sign up and after they spend their full credits they can withdraw their cash. A gambler sees the offer and finds that there are very few regulations in the casino. So he invites his 5 friends for the casino game. They get the credit and go to the roulette game and place the bet of 100 bonus on black or red. Now according to odd state 3 players would win. So they will get 200 credits credited to their accounts.

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According to their terms, the casino would allow them to withdraw their money. So 600 credits were withdrawn by the players without putting any money. This is an impossible case because the casino cannot operate profitably using these terms. That is why the casino has some withdrawal terms known as play-through terms and this stops the players to withdraw the cash that is earned using no deposit bonus.

What is a playthrough or withdrawal requirement?

This is a way by which a casino allows the user who signs up on the website to get a bonus but does not lose a lot of money because of the deal as the bonus is along with stipulations. There are rules such as how many times the player has to spend before the player can make any withdrawals of the profit that they win using the bonus amount.

You can know about the playthrough requirements in their terms and conditions section of the website. If it is mentioned that the website has a 40X withdrawal term means that you need to make bet 40 times of the amount that you get in the bonus. So if the bonus amount is 10 then you would have to make bets worth 4000 to withdraw the funds that you get from it.

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