Baseball is one of the most popular sports in America. There is no better way to make watching your favorite sport more fun than by betting on it. Major League Baseball offers a multitude of options for all bettors at

Baseball Moneyline

Betting on baseball is unlike betting on football or basketball. Most wagers placed in baseball games do not involve a point spread. Bettors usually wager on the Moneyline and look to predict the winner of the game. A “-” sign before the Moneyline odds indicates the betting favorite. Underdogs have a “+” symbol in front of their Moneyline odds. A -150 means you need to bet $150 to earn $100 on the winning favorite. If you see a +130, you will get $130 if you bet $100. Small bettors do not have fear about needing to bet $100 or more. You can bet for as little as $10.

Baseball run line

The betting favorite gets set with a -1.5 run handicap. Oddsmakers offer an appropriate amount of juice to make laying the 1.5 runs more appealing. The -150 favorite may get assigned run line odds like this: -1.5 (+160). Those who bet the favored player on the run line earns $160 for every $100 bet if the favorite wins by two runs or more. Run line underdogs get assigned a line like this: +1.5 (-140). Bettors earn $100 for every $140 wager if the underdog wins outright or loses by one run.

Baseball total

Total wagers in almost all sports work very much alike. Oddsmakers assign an Over and Under figure to each game. Bettors have to determine whether the game will be a home run derby or a pitcher’s duel. Most Major League Baseball games usually have 8.5 runs, but some have totals of as low as seven runs and as high as ten. Overs and Unders carry a vig as high as -120 or as low as even-money. -110 on both sides is typical for each game.

Prop wagers

You are often unsure which team will win a particular game, but you may have a notion about one specific player. Placing prop wagers is the best option in this case. There are many prop wagers available in Major League Baseball. One example is how many strikeouts will a specific pitcher have. How many RBIs a player will have is another example.

First five innings

Bettors on Major League Baseball do not have to bet on the entire game only. Some players can cash out their team after the first five innings. These wagers are like Moneyline bets. The lines set by oddsmakers may be the same as the full-game line. They may also have a slight difference. Betting a team in the first five innings market can be an optimal strategy sometimes. Bettors usually place this bet if a good starting pitcher is going and a lousy bullpen is backing him up. There are totals wagers and run line bets for the first five innings of a game, too. The run line will be -0.5 runs for the favorite instead of -1.5 runs.

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