What is Pok Deng and How to Play it?

             People have so many ways to entertain themselves. Especially when they got bored or to relax. It seems understandable why many love to play online games. It offers enjoyment, teamwork, and a huge amount of fun. Technology makes it easier for people who are looking for their past time. The Internet can offer huge options of games where you can choose from.

            A popular game called Pok Deng is also available for those who love to play card games.

Below is some information if you want to know more about it.

What is Pok Deng?

            It is a Thai card game. In which the goal of players whose ones digit beats the dealers. While taking into account pairs, flushes, and three of a kind. It is one of the basic online games to learn. Pok Deng features outstanding playing patterns. It can support many players 2 to 17 players including the dealer.

Below are the basic steps to play Pok Deng:

    1. To start, players need to place their bets.
    2. The dealer shuffles and deals two cards to every player
    3. Each player has the option to either draw or stays a card. (Only once)
  1. The dealer might differentiate his/her hand against designated players. (Those with 3rd card drawn)
  2. The dealer can draw another card. And compares his/her hand in contrast to the rest of the players.

These are quite simple steps, right? Yet, you need to be mindful of some tricky playing orders. Every Pok Deng game is short and only lasts for a couple of minutes. Each player needs to place a bet by using cash, chips, and other tiny objects. Just like wrapped candy which bet on table in front of her/ him. Three major aspects might determine the scoring. Such as the following:

  • Hand Type
  • Taem- a numerical value of cards in hand. Numerical value, each ace is having a value of 1. So, if your hand is comprised of 7, A – that’s 8 in Taem.
  • Deng- is decided by the relationship between cards in hand. Song deng that has x2 reward, sam deng with x3 reward. There are four hand types available like pok, normal, tong, and sam lueang or sam krabeung.

It is better to learn about hands and rewards before joining others once you are a newbie. Especially when you play Pok Deng with other locals. Normally, you might see some of them playing several hands at once. If you’re interested to learn more, you can visit ป๊อกเด้งออนไลน์.

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