What is fun Crypto?

All About Where Can I Trade In Funfair? 

Introduction to funfair:-

Funfair can be defined as an online gambling platform, a casino gaming platform that runs on cryptocurrency. Funfair houses one of the biggest platforms for casinos, and billions of dollars are gambled every day. Bitcoin and ethereum are some of the online currencies that are used on this platform.

According to analytics and reports, funfair has been reported to have a turnover of more than a million Bitcoins. That’s 60 billion dollars. Also, this represents the 10% of bitcoin earned. Just like any other applications, the gambling industry is moving forward on mobile-based apps and websites too. So Where can I trade in funfair? Read more to find out!

What is the cryptocurrency on funfair?

The funfair has its cryptocurrency called FUN which works as chips and digits made for casinos. How you see red and blue chips, which represent actual money in bars and gambling stores, FUN is red and blue-chip for online casinos. The worth is then calculated in bitcoin.

The price of bitcoin on FUN varies each year accordingly. For 2018, almost 10 billion chips were rolled out, and it accounted for 20 million Bitcoins. That is huge if you consider that 60 million dollars amount to 1 thousand Bitcoins.

So where can I trade in the funfair, and how?

It would be best if you had a stamp on your hand to enter a certain club. Just like that, you need to have a FunPass ID, and you have to do your KYC on the platform. This makes your wallet, whether it is from ethereum or bitcoin, approved. Thus this marks your wallet just like the club as approved, and you can start playing.


So this was the article on the funfair. If you have any questions regarding funfair or bitcoin, please comment in the comment section below.

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