4 main types of bonuses that are paid in online casinos

Online casinos are appealing to all. Though it is a game of chance, there are various opportunities to earn. You should know the strategies well before you start. There are many kinds of bonuses and these are also some ways you earn apart from the real winnings in an online casino.

  • Welcome bonus:

This is the first type of bonus that a player receives after joining a casino. It is given to welcome the player to the casino. To join a casino you must complete the registration and verification formalities. After this, your account will be created. In this account, your welcome bonus is credited. You can use the amount to play สล็็อตออนไลน์ games in the casino. Normally a casino pays a welcome bonus equal to the amount of deposit you make. So you get a 100% instant boost in your account. The welcome bonus may not also be linked to your deposit. This goes a long way in playing games as you need not be afraid of losing.

  • No deposit bonus:

While the general rule is to pay a bonus matching the deposit you make, some casinos also offer no deposit bonus. This is like hitting the jackpot even as you enter. You are paid a bonus without making any deposit. This is actually an advantage to new players. You can play without any inhibition as this amount gives you confidence. These are sometimes given as one-time or promotional offers and it is best to utilize this as a player.

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  • Deposit-linked bonus:

This type of bonus is linked to the amount of deposit you make. If the casino guarantees a 50% bonus, then it pays you 50% of what you pay a deposit. For example, if you deposit $100, then you will be paid $50 as a bonus and so you have $150 in your account. Based on the percentage the casino assures, your bonus will be paid. This is also an important addition to your account balance as you have more money to bet.

  • Loyalty bonus:

Sometimes when you like a casino and its way of operations, then you make repeat visits. This is actually a benefit for the casinos because every time you visit you pay a deposit amount. To give something in return for your loyalty towards the casino, it pays you a bonus which is called the loyalty bonus. This is a reward for your long-term association with the casino.

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