Apply Live22 Poker-Game Of Luck And Stakes

When we first encounter Jack Dawson in Titanic, he is embroiled in a game of poker, high stakes and a ticking clock behind. He wins the tickets to sail on the RMS Titanic in a “very lucky hand at poker”. สมัคร live22 poker is a game of wit, high stakes, gambling and above all, luck.


Some historians opine that poker originated from a 10th century Chinese domino game while some believe it descended from the 16th century Persian game “As Nas”. The 17thcentury French game, poque whose German equivalent, pochen- both considered successors of the 16th century Spanish game, pimero- are predecessors of poker. Poque travelled with French settlers to New Orleans, USA where it was anglicized to poker and rules were adopted.In 1871, poker returned to Europe when the British queen, intrigued by the rules, asked an American minister to teach her. Poker was more generally accepted in Europe during World War I influenced by American soldiers.

Types of Poker

  1. Draw poker: The players are dealt cards which are hidden from others and they might attempt to improve their cards by replacing them. Examples include Five Card draw and Badugi.
  2. Stud poker: Players have a combination of hidden and exposed cards, thus opponents might have an idea what cards the others are holding. Examples include Seven Card Stud and Razz
  3. Community card poker: In this type there is a shared pile of cards that can be combined with the hidden cards dealt to the players. Examples include Omaha and Texas Hold’Em.


The poker betting structure may be fixed limit, where only fixed amount can be raised, no limit, where there is a maximal amount but number of raises has no limit and pot limit where bets and raises are limited to the number of chips present in the pot when the player is about to make their move. There are also rules regarding the number of players allowed at the table. Full ring means maximum capacity of 10 players, short-handed is a one-on-one game and heads up allows up to 6 players to be at the table.


Poker has travelled across centuries and cultures to become a popular game in the modern era. There are important tournaments to encourage players, also popular on pop culture, poker has found an audience amongst millennials and continues to entertain and inspire a new generation of players.

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