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Sports betting is an activity of predicting sports results while placing wager on the outcome. The frequency of this activity various by culture, with vast majority of the bets are being placed on association football, basketball, baseball, hockey etc. Sports betting at slot can also extend up to non-athletic or events, such as reality shows or even political elections and non-human contest such as horse racing, grey hound racing and illegal underground cockfighting. Sports bettors place their wagers legally through sports book or bookmaker or even illegally through private run enterprises. Sports books are even found online, separated from the clients they serve, usually to get around various gambling laws.

Types of bets:

  • Money line bets: always require the chosen team to win the game and favored team pays the odds and does the underdog.
  • Spread betting: spread, line, or a number which is assigned by bookmakers which favors one team and another handicap. When two teams play and the one is perceived likely to win.
  • Total bets: bets made based on the scoring between both the teams. The scoring is considered by combining the team score, if it is same then the bet is a push.
  • Proposition bets: a bet made of statistical nature. Doesn’t matte with the final score but a specific outcome the team will make. Even predicating the number of score or goals a star player would make.
  • Parlays bets: it is a multiple bet and it rewards successful bettors with greater payment only is the bet parlay wins.


It is a market that functions for sport wagers. It creates a binary outcome in which a team wither loses or wins. Federal wire act of 1951 an attempt to stop the illegal bookmaking by the USA government. They hold advantage over their customers, so that they can survive for a long term.


Bookmaking is regulated but not criminalized by many countries. Some areas where sports betting is illegal, they create illicit bookmakers. Many bookmakers accept the online sporting events. The national football league is against of any sporting bets event, they believe that it will bring corruption to that game. Till now many countries continue to do betting and some place it is regulated but not criminalized. It Is illegalized but have not launched as a legal event.

Machine learning in sports betting

  • Predictions in real time
  • Accuracy higher than domain experts
  • Large amount of information handled

Sports bet is an event which still continues to go on and it is not legalized. Some games fully reject this event because they afraid of the game being corrupted.

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